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entry (: dictator#1 pizza box. ur moms schniedel.
dr pepper my brotha anotha for ya motha double double super size and don't forget the friiies. (:

hula. (:

so here we goo. =D well i passed my driver's (writing) test on friday!! 0 mistakes. i'm SO proud ^___^ and i'll be done with my whole license before school starts (in 2 weeks) AWESOME!!! =)) and so we made a party yesterday bc me and my friend passed. so there were me him bf and another friend. it was fun. we watched roadtrip and europe trip and shot skittles around the room and in the yard. haha. xD so tanja my best friend is now back from austria woohoo. but she's at her grandma's today T___T and it's awesome weather i got nothing to do no work no driving and she has NO damn time for me. aw. how i hate this. thank you ashley knowles for letting me stay the 2nd week of my chelsea trip at camp. it'll be awesome. ah, question. do i need like a sleeping bag? :D or where are we gonna sleep?. and yes yes i wanna go shopping yall know that. hahaah. and i wanna buy a dress for my graduation dance in germany 2012. and .. if that is possible go to an outled store. yes i know that would be like a day trip. but maybe on a weekend-day?? cuz it's awesome and stuff there is soooo cheap. ^____^ like in georgia i think there was a good one i went to with my parents. you know?? it at least needs like aeropostale american eagle and hollister or so. that would be awesome. ^__^ hahahahaha. please let us goo shoppiiing. i'm like working real hard the whole year that i will have a ton of money for the trip.

but i need some other money for the summer vacation i'm planning with my parents although it's not decided yet where we are gonna go. but i'll need money anyway haha. and then buy an expensive camera with the christmas money and some own money. and buying a vespa will be my goal. ^^ haha. at least for the summer 2010!

so that about me, i don't know if i'll go to the pool today. maybe just lie in the yard and study for school. something like that. i wanna driveeeeeeeeee a car. so much funnnnn!!

 hugs and kisses, lia

30.8.09 14:07


that nigga cut me off! =D

holaaaaaaaa =D

yall gotta watch that video that i put on this entry. ha. thanks lindsay for being the first one to write into the guest book. and yes PIZZA BOX = GUEST BOOK. so write write write. thank you courtney davis for always writing me on myspace, it makes me happy to hear from you. (: so today is sunday, i vaccumed the whole house, now i just got to clean the mess in my room and get my bathroom pretty ^^ haha. it's awesome weather, no clouds, not really hot but it's good .. kindof little too stormy but it's fine. heading to work at 6pm. my bf was here last night ha, we went up the mountain where the grapes are made for the yumm wine. awesome sight, from up there you can look to the highest mountains in france, it's pretty cool. my neighbor (he's pretty old) just listenes to katy perry - hot'n'cold pretty loud in his yard. he's crazy. :D haha. now he's wistling to it. well, crazy kido. i'm about to study for my driver's ed test on friday. this week will be kindof chilled i hope, just 2 times working, some doctor's appointments, studying for school and driver's ed and taking driver's ed driving classes ^^. so hope yall still have an awesome sunday, ba, heil hitler or heil me.

23.8.09 14:09

so my lovely americans. <3 today is i think the first day of the week where i don't have to go anywhere, no work, no driver's ed, no nothing. just cleaning the whole house. -___- but that's fun w/ ya ipod in the ear. ^^ haha. tomorrow my parents are coming back from teneriffa. i hope they bought my some clothes and jewelry, as usual. when they went to .. the malidivies it think they let me make a unique dress that is made out of 100% of silk.never could've paid that in germany. oh god, grandma is DAMN going on my nerves. she's always running around up here when my parents are gone, she's acting like we're 5 years old and she needs to give us food by a spoon. annooooooooooyying. -_- ugh. hah, i wanna go work kindof. fun fun fun! starting 15th of september i will, woot woot. aw, i just had one of those awesome german backery things. with sesame and some other good seeds on it. YUM YUM YUUUM: <3 if yall would ever get the opportunity to taste it, you'd be in heaven, seriously. i could shoot my grandma. except that she's usually lovely and paying me everthing i want to have .. (except a car -__-) so i got to vaccum up in my room, clean up my closet (= disaster), vaccum downstairs and clean the floor in the kitchen, the oven and all that shit. and put up everything where it belongs to. if my parents are gone, it looks like pigs are living here, and i love it. hahaha.

so that much about me. hope yall had a good 1st football game although you lost big time hah. =) kisses and hugs


22.8.09 12:37

later that night .. (:

so hah, i was at work all day long, i'm working in a backery in a huge grocery store (kind of like a little wal-mart) it's sooo much fun. way better than all the jobs i've ever had. time is racing by when i'm there, although i worked for 6 1/2 crazy hours!! i guess i won't have the money when school starts to buy my vespa .. so sad =( but well, i guess latest in middle of november i'll have the money. well then it's not the weather to drive one, but i'll still buy one for the upcoming summer ((: hah, candice just told me about the theather pictures in the yearbook, SO looking forward to seeing them. oh my cat just gave me a kiss <3 the most adorable cat, my sunny (her name). the first month she ignored me, that was so sad -_-. but she's getting better at loving me everyday hahahahaha! so tonight although it's a fresh brece (hope it's written right)

ah and coach teague wrote me an email. i love him and i miss him badly :-( and candice told me about the funny pics of the theater play in the yearbook. ha ha ha! god, i'm looking forward to getting that book. so bad!! i love it! THANK YOU DEAR GERMAN SISTER; CALLIE SMOTHERS! YOU ARE THE B E S T !! i love you sooooooooooooooo much.

hugs and kisses to yall, have a great day (:


21.8.09 21:25

don't you love this layout? ha! but i didn't do it. i still do love it. so here we go. i thought i'm going to put up a blogg for all my dear americans that you always can be posted about what i'm doing and how life is rolling in good old germany! =) i'm sorry that i didn't write everyone an email or so since i got back, but i'm kindof busy. i'm so happy to hear from each one of you. <3 ahh and well i'm hoping to keep my english up w/ this blogg, too. (= so that much about this here.

dear god, my internet is freaking again -.- wireless lan is the last shit, i tell ya. and i'm sitting right on the corner to that freakin box. -.- ha. so anyway. how's life been around here ..

well. well well. it's not easy to get used to it. people changed .. some in the good, some in the bad way. some stayed the same. i'm having problems w/ getting in my old friend's "circle". i don't want to be selfish or so, but i got more adult by staying a year abroad than those people i hang w/ before i went to the us. so it's .. it feels so childish to hang w/ em. ugh. yes. but some stayed the same lovely. <3 so, we still got summer break till 14th of september. <3 ah and i am partying (of course) a lot. weather is great, and i got a ton of jobs. i'm doing my driver's license right now. ah and well .. what else. i don't know. i'll write again soon, gotta go eat breakfast now.



21.8.09 09:33

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