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entry (: dictator#1 pizza box. ur moms schniedel.

don't you love this layout? ha! but i didn't do it. i still do love it. so here we go. i thought i'm going to put up a blogg for all my dear americans that you always can be posted about what i'm doing and how life is rolling in good old germany! =) i'm sorry that i didn't write everyone an email or so since i got back, but i'm kindof busy. i'm so happy to hear from each one of you. <3 ahh and well i'm hoping to keep my english up w/ this blogg, too. (= so that much about this here.

dear god, my internet is freaking again -.- wireless lan is the last shit, i tell ya. and i'm sitting right on the corner to that freakin box. -.- ha. so anyway. how's life been around here ..

well. well well. it's not easy to get used to it. people changed .. some in the good, some in the bad way. some stayed the same. i'm having problems w/ getting in my old friend's "circle". i don't want to be selfish or so, but i got more adult by staying a year abroad than those people i hang w/ before i went to the us. so it's .. it feels so childish to hang w/ em. ugh. yes. but some stayed the same lovely. <3 so, we still got summer break till 14th of september. <3 ah and i am partying (of course) a lot. weather is great, and i got a ton of jobs. i'm doing my driver's license right now. ah and well .. what else. i don't know. i'll write again soon, gotta go eat breakfast now.



21.8.09 09:33


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