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entry (: dictator#1 pizza box. ur moms schniedel.

later that night .. (:

so hah, i was at work all day long, i'm working in a backery in a huge grocery store (kind of like a little wal-mart) it's sooo much fun. way better than all the jobs i've ever had. time is racing by when i'm there, although i worked for 6 1/2 crazy hours!! i guess i won't have the money when school starts to buy my vespa .. so sad =( but well, i guess latest in middle of november i'll have the money. well then it's not the weather to drive one, but i'll still buy one for the upcoming summer ((: hah, candice just told me about the theather pictures in the yearbook, SO looking forward to seeing them. oh my cat just gave me a kiss <3 the most adorable cat, my sunny (her name). the first month she ignored me, that was so sad -_-. but she's getting better at loving me everyday hahahahaha! so tonight although it's a fresh brece (hope it's written right)

ah and coach teague wrote me an email. i love him and i miss him badly :-( and candice told me about the funny pics of the theater play in the yearbook. ha ha ha! god, i'm looking forward to getting that book. so bad!! i love it! THANK YOU DEAR GERMAN SISTER; CALLIE SMOTHERS! YOU ARE THE B E S T !! i love you sooooooooooooooo much.

hugs and kisses to yall, have a great day (:


21.8.09 21:25


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