____.Happiness is Flying on a Pig.
entry (: dictator#1 pizza box. ur moms schniedel.

so my lovely americans. <3 today is i think the first day of the week where i don't have to go anywhere, no work, no driver's ed, no nothing. just cleaning the whole house. -___- but that's fun w/ ya ipod in the ear. ^^ haha. tomorrow my parents are coming back from teneriffa. i hope they bought my some clothes and jewelry, as usual. when they went to .. the malidivies it think they let me make a unique dress that is made out of 100% of silk.never could've paid that in germany. oh god, grandma is DAMN going on my nerves. she's always running around up here when my parents are gone, she's acting like we're 5 years old and she needs to give us food by a spoon. annooooooooooyying. -_- ugh. hah, i wanna go work kindof. fun fun fun! starting 15th of september i will, woot woot. aw, i just had one of those awesome german backery things. with sesame and some other good seeds on it. YUM YUM YUUUM: <3 if yall would ever get the opportunity to taste it, you'd be in heaven, seriously. i could shoot my grandma. except that she's usually lovely and paying me everthing i want to have .. (except a car -__-) so i got to vaccum up in my room, clean up my closet (= disaster), vaccum downstairs and clean the floor in the kitchen, the oven and all that shit. and put up everything where it belongs to. if my parents are gone, it looks like pigs are living here, and i love it. hahaha.

so that much about me. hope yall had a good 1st football game although you lost big time hah. =) kisses and hugs


22.8.09 12:37


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