____.Happiness is Flying on a Pig.
entry (: dictator#1 pizza box. ur moms schniedel.
dr pepper my brotha anotha for ya motha double double super size and don't forget the friiies. (:

hula. (:

so here we goo. =D well i passed my driver's (writing) test on friday!! 0 mistakes. i'm SO proud ^___^ and i'll be done with my whole license before school starts (in 2 weeks) AWESOME!!! =)) and so we made a party yesterday bc me and my friend passed. so there were me him bf and another friend. it was fun. we watched roadtrip and europe trip and shot skittles around the room and in the yard. haha. xD so tanja my best friend is now back from austria woohoo. but she's at her grandma's today T___T and it's awesome weather i got nothing to do no work no driving and she has NO damn time for me. aw. how i hate this. thank you ashley knowles for letting me stay the 2nd week of my chelsea trip at camp. it'll be awesome. ah, question. do i need like a sleeping bag? :D or where are we gonna sleep?. and yes yes i wanna go shopping yall know that. hahaah. and i wanna buy a dress for my graduation dance in germany 2012. and .. if that is possible go to an outled store. yes i know that would be like a day trip. but maybe on a weekend-day?? cuz it's awesome and stuff there is soooo cheap. ^____^ like in georgia i think there was a good one i went to with my parents. you know?? it at least needs like aeropostale american eagle and hollister or so. that would be awesome. ^__^ hahahahaha. please let us goo shoppiiing. i'm like working real hard the whole year that i will have a ton of money for the trip.

but i need some other money for the summer vacation i'm planning with my parents although it's not decided yet where we are gonna go. but i'll need money anyway haha. and then buy an expensive camera with the christmas money and some own money. and buying a vespa will be my goal. ^^ haha. at least for the summer 2010!

so that about me, i don't know if i'll go to the pool today. maybe just lie in the yard and study for school. something like that. i wanna driveeeeeeeeee a car. so much funnnnn!!

 hugs and kisses, lia

30.8.09 14:07


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