____.Happiness is Flying on a Pig.
entry (: dictator#1 pizza box. ur moms schniedel.

he yo. ya face over there. haha.

DICTATOR #1 is ruling about the wooorld ^___^ haha dear god.

i just can imagine ya face, lindsay schniedelicious. ah. by the way, my friend's were first freaking about yalls cake & the picture of lindsay&marilyn walking allong the lockers with their right hand put up as nazis did it.

so anyway. i guess there are pple looking at my site that don't know me yet. so they better shouuld.

as i already said, i'm dictator #1. and everything i'm putting on this site is meant totally ironic. so don#t freak and call me a nazi. =D cuz i'm not. (i'm a pretty left person when it's about policits).

ha. i'm lia. and i'm german and that's cool. even cooler as your mom. haha. i'm sweet 17, . this blogg is made for my american friends from chelsea high school, sweet alabama, so that they get to know what's up in sweet black forrest. haha. i'm a pretty ... crazy person i guess. i like to take pictures, go snowboarding and waterskiing (the one up in our mountains, the other one in the carribean ocean, haha) i like to hang w/ my friends. do stuff on my laptop. get dressed and party all night long (= get drunk) travelling around in the world is love. <33 love to speak english as you can see. i don't like studying and all that shiit. =D ah and i'm about to get a damn awesome VESPA. (love.) ah and i love to shop, i cannot stooop. (if you would see my closet, you'd shake ur head and call me insane. :D) i love purses and jewelry. also shoes. and all of that good stuff. my favorite stores are h&m, forever 21 (the funniest thing ever, cuz we got a store in germany that is called FOREVER18. well i guess, it's pretty smart. cuz we can do everything with 18 what yall can do with 21). ah and billabong and all that nice stuff.

what i don't like is being stressed, having no time, bad grades, molt. (i hope it's written right), SNAKES! and crocodiles kindof. and i don't like bad weather -_- or not having a winter with my snowboard (like last year in the u.s. damn. )

peace for the world :D:D:D:D:D


see them sweating shaking titts and dancing to their all time favorite hiits. > ska > love.

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